About Us

The band currently consists of the following members:

Talha Akhtar KhanThe Vocalist – A.K.A ‘Bigzy’

With years of experience of taming his voice in the bathroom, Bigzy has been unleashed with a soulful voice. Although it doesn’t start raining when he sings, he definitely sings from his heart and gets quality vocals every single time.

Mujeeb KhanKeyboard player, lyricist and a Bollywood virtuoso.

Prior to working with Talbees, Mujeeb was involved with producing music scores for short films & documentaries. His in-depth knowledge of music theory and trained ears can surely be a surprise for some as he can even tell whether the passing wind was in tune & in the right key.

Omar Khan BangashBass and Guitar player.

With funky jaw dropping riffs & groovy bass licks, Omar is the backbone when it comes to any composition. Speaking of backbone, Omar also makes sure that the band’s mental condition is in the right order.

Sinan AizadGuitarist, studio guy and an aspiring producer.

Previously been involved in underground music scene of Islamabad and now working with Talbees. Sinan is involved in recording different artists & his recent production work can be heard on the first EP of Talbees & a Perth based Alternative Funk Hop/Rock band called ‘Dela Fuse’ which is set to be released somewhere in 2015.